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Weight Loss Program

For years and years patients have asked, "What do you recommend to lose weight?" Being lighter on your feet is better for your joints, your back and certainly contributes to your overall health and wellness. In 2016 Dr. Scipione researched and participated in the weight loss program we offer. After his success in the program and now the success of many patients who have experienced the same results, we are pleased to bring the program to the State College community - and your friends and family wherever they may be.

There are no shakes, pre-packaged meals or rigorous fitness schedules to follow. Instead, during the six week program, you'll make your own meals from items you can find at any grocery store. We'll provide you all the information and support you'll need throughout the six weeks and set you up for success to maintain your new weight at once you've completed the program.

For more information or to schedule your free consultation, call 814-238-0250.